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The site spans an area of about 25 square kilometres, 35 metres deep, which, until as late as 6,900 years ago, was entirely above water.

About 2,000 possibly man-made artifacts have been dredged and carbon-dated from 8,500 to 9,500 years old."*Trivia: "Stone Age rock shelters with paintings at the Bhimbetka rock shelters in Madhya Pradesh are the earliest known traces of human life in India.

World population was at a few million people, likely below 5 million. Less than a year after these results were published another study showed that the stone circles had been preceded by wooden circles of 6-metre pine 'totem poles' dated to 8,000 B. [Based on: by Graham Hancock and Santha Faiia, Heaven's Mirror, Quest For The Lost Civilization, p. C.] in which herding and agriculture came into use, is called the 'New Stone Age' or [in Latin] the 'Neolithic Age.' "8,000 B. - Civilization / Ur - "The Ur culture developed during the Neolithic Age and became global in expanse by 8,000 B. According to popular belief: 'Where the Sumerians came from is still disputed.

[....]" - "Traditional date when the continent of Atlantis sank beneath the waves. and is perhaps the oldest continuously occupied city on Earth." 9,000 B. - Tools / North America - "The Wenachee site, dated to 11,000 B. and located in the Inner Columbia River Basin, presents evidence of a new assemblage of stone tools in the Americas at their earliest known horizon." [Links: 1 - # 5]), has been identified genetically in southeastern Turkey, according to a report in the journal Science. article (Fossils show ancient use of chili peppers [about 6,100 years ago]), p. Typologically, the language of Sumer resembles Chinese, which suggests an eastern origin.

The 27-year-old Canadian actress Hannah Gross is the beneficiary of the former and the victim of the latter—even if Gross, who stars in Fincher’s new Netflix thriller series, , welcomed the torture. “That’s not even the beginning for David.” stars Jonathan Groff as an FBI agent and hostage negotiator named Holden Ford, who pivots to a much more “frowned upon” role, as his dinosaur of a boss puts it, as an investigator into the motives of serial killers around the time the term was still being put into use.

Before starring in the show, which premiered on Friday, Gross had been a fixture on the indie-film scene, where, she said, time is money. (The show, which is based on true crimes, takes place in 1977, the year that David Berkowitz was arrested for the Son of Sam murders.)It's Gross, playing the grad student Debbie Mitford, who has a large part in effecting Holden's new career path, after they meet at a bar on her 24th birthday and she promptly accuses him of being a narc.

Photograph by Bruno Staub, Styled by Clare Byrne; Hair by Shingo Shibata for Rodin by Recine at The Wall Group; Makeup by Georgi Sandev for Chanel at Streeters; Digital Technician: Jordan James; Photography assistant: Evan Browning; Fashion assistant: Emma Litvack There are two things for which David Fincher can be counted on: his knack for discovering talented young actresses (see: Rooney Mara, Kristen Stewart) and a perfectionism that can result in grueling triple-digit takes (see: horror stories as told by every actor from Jake Gyllenhaal to Robert Downey Jr.).

Radiocarbon dates place the beginning of the occupation at ca. At the time, the site, now only five miles from the Gulf Coast near Tallahassee, was nearly 100 miles inland, and Florida's landscape resembled Africa's savannahs.